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Daily Programming

Every day, we offer a wide-array of programs for our members to choose from for their after-school activities. They'll get opportunities to experience all sorts of subjects and work on different projects, as well as working on academic success and learning healthy lifestyle habits. 

Check out the following list to see what kind of programs we offer every day.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits



Every day, members have the time and room for reading, learning, and homework. Our staff is ready to help ensure success in school at all ages and to support healthy academic habits.


Healthy Eating and Active Living is one of our core tenets at the Club. Every day, we offer members nutritious snacks and offer plenty of playtime all while educating them about their importance.

Child making a cute, funny face with cucumbers over his eyes and lettuce in his mouth.
The Arts

The Arts

Kids working on an art project using a sewing machine.

Cultural Arts

This program features activities from nearly every art technique and medium imaginable. As members create, they also learn about different cultures and art practices from around the world.

Media Making

This program engages members in creating, sharing and editing digital media. The project-based activities introduce them to photography, audio production, video production, and design. 

Child using applications on a computer.
The Sciences

The Sciences

Child building a model rocket.


Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math program helps members better understand these topics with engaging and exciting experiments and projects.

Wehe Dome

Our club is the first in the country to have a year-round greenhouse garden dome! We use the dome in our STEM programming as well as to grow our own foods that members harvest themselves.  

Children gardening in a Grow Dome.
Program Staff

Want to learn more about our program staff?

Click the button below to visit our staff page and learn who's running our amazing programs!

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