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Member Badges Required as of June 6th

Effective June 6th, Club members are expected to carry their NEW club membership cards in order to gain entry to The Boys and Girls Alamosa Clubhouse. Badges are also required to gain access to club materials during programming hours. Our new membership cards help the Club track attendance and monitor the safe use of equipment and resources. Each card will have the club member’s home room color (red, yellow, blue, or green) stickered on the back, which helps Program Directors better organize groups and creates a more engaging club environment. As club members complete the Alamosa Clubhouse Internet Safety Course, staff will add an Internet Safety sticker to the back of their badge that allows computer lab access. If members FORGET their badge, they will be issued a Temporary Badge for the day. If club members forget their badge the following day, they will be expected to replace their badge at a cost of one dollar, DUE DAY OF, before being allowed entry to the clubhouse. Boys and Girls Club of the San Luis Valley thanks you for your help in cultivating responsibility, accountability, and pride of ownership in our club members!


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