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Extended Learning

Our extended learning programs help youth discover their potential career paths and how they can better themselves and their communities. 

Kids posing with EMTs in front of Ambulance.

Workforce Readiness

This program aims to expose youth to potential careers while identifying their passions and interests. through presentations and hands-on experiences. Our goal is to help all youth in the Club have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be work ready.

Internship Program

Teens Teens, ages 14 to 18, can apply to this program, where they are connected with mentors in the community based on their career interests. Each internship is three months long and includes a stipend.

Teen working in Hobby Store.
Kid smiling as he uses computer.

SLV Innovation Hub

This program allows students from all over the community to access our safe work place and educational areas with free and reliable wifi so they're able to get their school work done. 

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