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The 2022 Election is Coming Up!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the San Luis Valley strongly believe in meaningful engagement with our civic processes to help create vibrant, healthy environments for kids, teens, and families across the many towns and communities within the valley we call home. 


One CRITICAL way to achieve and promote engagement is to VOTE!  Ensure your voice is heard and do what you can to be aware of the issues surrounding life in our community, state, and nation. Encourage friends, families, and community members to do the same. 

We realize "talking politics" can be challenging in these times, but if we do not start normalizing these conversations and have the courage to engage in meaningful discussions, we ultimately fail ourselves and our children. 

Need Help Talking it Out? Try these links;

Scholastic Civics - Is It Wrong to Talk About the Election?

University of Texas at Austin - How to Talk to People Who Disagree with You Politically

  • Are you registered to vote? Visit this link to register, check your registration status, or update your registration.

  • Already registered? Make a plan and show our community is committed to voting by completing this Pledge to Vote.

QR code Reference to Election Calendar.

Voter Engagement Timeline and Key Dates
Find the FULL Colorado 2022 Election Calendar HERE!

SEP 20th, 2022 is National Voter Registration Day. Follow the Link! Get Involved!

OCT 17th, 2022 is the First Day ballots may be mailed to Registered Voters.

OCT 24th, 2022 is the First Day of voting for the General Election at Polling Places & Drop Boxes.


OCT 31st, 2022 is the LAST Day to Register & receive a Mail-In Ballot.

NOV 8th, 2022 is General Election Day. Polls are OPEN from 7:00AM to 7:00PM.

You can still register to vote and vote in-person until 7pm on Election Day.

You may also drop off your ballot at a dropbox location until 7pm on Election Day.

Check-Out Colorado's Voter Registration FAQ HERE!

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