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Explore the Zen Den!

Navigating the program areas and offices of the Alamosa Clubhouse can get interesting for the uninitiated. The Tech Room, STEM, the Gym, Social-Rec, are just a few of the rooms our members learn and play in. One that many visitors may not be familiar with is the Zen Den.

This room acts as an extra program space for small groups, when needed, but is primarily designed as an area where members can take a break. Kids and teens deal with stress and raw emotions every day, and it's not always easy for them to regulate those emotions and cool down enough to really process things in meaningful ways.

The Zen Den provides a space where staff work with members and help them reconnect with themselves in positive ways. The Club doesn't just teach science and gym, among other things, it also gives members the skills needed to help them deal with stress and conflict, build mindfulness, and understand restorative practices.

Life is complicated. Sometimes you just need a spot to cool off, reflect, and get the help you need to become the best possible you. That's what the Zen Den is all about.


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