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The Clubhouse Network is HERE!

Discover More About the Place Where Technology Meets Imagination!

The BGC celebrated the Open House of the The Clubhouse Network at our Alamosa Site in early August and we are thrilled at the possibilities this program brings to valley youth. The Clubhouse experience is designed to help members discover their interests and focus their talents as they pursue experiential learning opportunities in a safe and positive environment.

During the grand opening, we used Clubhouse technology to create Bee Feeders that can be used to help nurture our club's bee colony (yeah, we've got our own bee colony!), as well as other bee populations across the San Luis Valley. The feeder project shows members the diverse applications of current technology, in addition to the value of collaboration within the broader community, the importance of resource management, and the impact of meaningful environmental stewardship.

Members ages 10-18 can access the technology after completing our Digital Literacy & Internet Safety Course. Following that, they are able to map out projects under the guidance of staff and mentors. Current youth projects include designing and programming a digital scoreboard for the NoLimit Arcade and music video production. Future projects will be driven by youth and teen interests, allowing them to use and expand their current skills while focusing their talents in ways that inspire them towards more positive futures.

The Clubhouse Network is an international community with over 100 Clubhouses in over 20 countries where local youths gain the skills, confidence, and experiences they need to become more creative, capable, and confident learners under the mentorship of trained staff. Programming is driven by the imaginations and interests of our members and is as diverse, insightful, and creatively unique as the youth we serve.

Newly added technology includes a 3D Printer, Vinyl Printer, and a Glowforge 3D Laser Printer. These technologies, combined with the resources of our computer lab, recording studio, and other growing resources help to create a 21st Century Learning Environment that helps kids and teens gain a stronger understanding of their potential and the possibilities inherent in a technology-driven world.

The Clubhouse is in the process of developing it's mentor program to support Clubhouse programming and the overall mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the San Luis Valley. Mentors are drawn from the local community and represent a diverse mix of industries and cultures which help to create a more robust learning environment for valley youth. Interested community members should contact the BGC Alamosa Clubhouse and speak with Garrett Pearson for more information.

The clubhouse promotes learning and growth by focusing on four basic ideas and building from there, based on member goals. The ideas, Learning by Design, Following your Interests, Building a Community, and Fostering Respect & Trust, not only help members to find their inspiration, but teach them to create positive environments of their own, developing skills in leadership, collaboration, innovation, resource development and management, interpersonal skills, as well as creative and critical thought. All of this is done in a safe environment under the guidance of staff and mentors. Discover more about the Clubhouse Network HERE.


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